Sunday, May 03, 2009

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We've just updated with tons of clothes, branded Victoria's Secret and H&M lingeries, skirts, and more dresses for your viewing pleasure!

Kindly scroll through the whole blog as items are chucked in between old posts randomly!

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Happy shopping sweethearts! ^^;
We'll not be entertaining requests to sms as our phone bills are close to bursting this month!!! ;x We would appreciate if you girls could complete the transaction with us via email.

3xtheshopping had been dealing with buyers (many who are returned customers) since 2007 and have always believe in NOT scamming our buyers' hard-earn money.

We work on trust and likewise, we hope that you as the buyer, trust us too.

Trust us, and you'll be coming back for more great and affordable stuff we plan to bring in!

Buy with confidence!


Lovely Array of Tops!

Item - Victoria's Secret inspired - Urban & Co Floral Camisole (Size S/M)

Brand new floral camisole from Urban & Co. (AM SELLING THE ONE IN THE 2ND PIC, model from VS is only for reference.)
Tagged M. Fits usual size S/M. Material's very cooling and soft to touch.

This was completely SOLD OUT in stores and is downright perfect and HOT(literally) for spring!

Was a love at 1st sight affair and we just had to get this design in three different colours but end up only wearing the other two till date thus letting this go.

Now @ $15 ONLY!
Swops @ $20

Item - BN Girlish Romantic Lace Turquoise Ribbon Spag (Size S/M)
Very girlish top with ribbon (that can be used to lossen or tighten adjustment at bust area) and romantic french lace in rich turquoise color. Worn once, in good condition.
Now @ $9 ONLY!
Swops @ $13

Item - Daniel Yam Royal Purple Satin Tube Top (Size S/M)

Another beautiful piece from Daniel Yam's collection. In royal purple satin, the front design is overlapping and is smocked at the back. Tagged M, fits both S/M size ladies. This design is simple, gorgeous and simply brings out an air of elegance. No longer seen in Daniel Yam's Stores.

In good condition as it was worn two or three times only.

Now @ $11 ONLY!
Swops @ $15

Item - Bodynits White Sportswear Spag Top (Size S/M)

Great for hassle-free casual wear or simple chic workout/gym/yoga top! Bought in the States, tagged a US KID's size L but will fit a local sz S/M.

Item - Bodynits RED Sportswear Spag Top (Size S/M)

One for $6.50, GET BOTH @ $10 MAILED!

Swops @ $8 per piece!

Item - Triumph Velvet Tank Top (Size S/M)

Unique tank top from Triumph bought overseas. In soft velvet material. Check out the pretty sheer french lace design along the neckline! Incredibly sexy!

Tagged M, fits both size S/M gal. In good condition.

Now @ $8 ONLY!
Swops @ $12

Item - E-aud Green Apple Graphic Tee (Size S/M)

This soft cotton tee designed by E-aud goes beyond basic with banded ribbed trim at round ribbed neckline and puff sleeves. Figure flattering slim fit. Green screen print Apple graphic.

Item was purchased from E-aud boutique at Far East Plaza.

Item - E-aud Cute Cat's Allure Graphic Tee (Size S/M)

Description is as stated above for the E-aud Apple Graphic Tee just that this one's with the cute cat's graphic on it! Perfect for CAT LOVERS! ;)

Both tops are in good condition. Tagged M, fits a usual size S/M.

One for $10, GET BOTH @ $17 MAILED!
Swops @ $14 per piece!

Item - Furry Lace Pretty in Pink Long Sleeve Top (Size S/M)

Beautiful piece of furry, lace combination in a pretty hue of pink top. Bought from one of the high street fashion shops in Seoul.

Top is made of stretchy soft cotton material. Fits a S/M lady nicely.Worn a few times, in good condition.

Now @ $10 ONLY!
Swops @ $14

Item - Rock Chick Off-Shoulder/Boat-neck 3/4 Sleeve Top (Size S/M)

Worn once, in good condition.

Now @ $12 ONLY!
Swops @ $15

Item - Brand New Esprit de Corp Tee (Size S/M)
*Swopped with owner of cotton-lavender~!

Item - BN Sweet Cheery Floral Top (Size XS/S)
Sweet little floral top in lovely cheery colors! Cutting's very unique and so are the frills design at the hem of the top.
Top is smocked at the back to fit a usual XS or S. There is a hidden zip.

It is tagged S, fits true. Made of good sturdy material unlike the flimsy kind from Bugis Street. Brand new without tags as we have too many floral tops so havent worn this yet!

U.P. Bought at $39.90 from Metro if I didn't rmb wrongly.
Now @ $15 ONLY!
Swops @ $20


Item - BN Victoria's Secret Bikini Mulitcolor Panty (Size S/M)
Brand new in packaging low rise bikini cotton panty.
Get it cheap here without the hefty VS shipping fees!
Now @ $8 ONLY!
Swops @ $13

Item - H&M Snoopy Thongs (Size XS/S)

Brand new and authentic from H&M! Very cute pair this is! Tagged XS/UK6. Bought for much more in english pounds.

Now @ $6 ONLY!
Swops @ $10

Friday, May 01, 2009


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Item - Vintage Rainbow Lace Cami (Size S/M)

Pair this with vintage belt and necklace to pull off the vintage feel! Bought this piece from Hongkong so you'll not be able to get this here! Well worn, in mint condition. Selling cheap to clear!

This top matches with the vintage streetwear skirt below perfectly! =)

Now @ $6 ONLY!
Swops @ $10

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Item - Jolin-style Puffy Funky Streetwear Skirt (Size S/M)

This is definitely one unique design which you'll not get in SG as it's a one-piece-only skirt bought from our Hongkong trip. Chic puffy design flair design, sure stand out from the crowd when worn. Matches with the vintage cami above really well! Didn't get this cheap! In good condition.

Now @ $15 ONLY!
Trades @ $20



Item - M)phosis Angelic White Eyelet Mini-skirt (Tagged S)

Sweet little skirt from m)phosis!

Tagged S, approx measurements taken laid flat across waist is 37cm and length's 36cm.

Side zip closure and lovely eyelet details all around the hem of skirt as seen in the 1st picture.

You can tie a ribbon at the side as seen in the 2nd pic.

Worn about 2-3 times but skirt is still in good condition.

U.P.$50++ if I didn't rmb wrongly..

Now @ $14 ONLY!
Swops @ $18

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Item - Brand NEW Knitted Unique Two-toned Skirt frm HongKong(Free size, stretchable with drawstrings most probably fits up to a small L)

Very unique tie-dyed knitted skirt bought from our HK trip! Check out Paris Hilton and other hollywood stars are dorning almost the same design but longer ones. Love the special colour toning and it's oh so chic! One and ONLY piece! Drawstrings at waist to tighten/loosen.

NOW @ $15 ONLY!
Swops @$20

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Item - Brand NEW Velvet Hot Mini Skirt (Size S/M)

*Sold to Ms Elaine~!

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Item - Garden Green Mini Skirt

Pair it with your slogan tees and you're ready to head town! In good condition. Measurements will be updated soon.

NOW @ $10 ONLY!
Swops @ $14