Saturday, March 14, 2009

♥ SKIN79 Spree♥

I’m sure many of you have heard about the benefits of bb cream by now. The items we're bringing in from Skin79 are the products a girl should not miss out on! And at such great pricings!

Furthermore, complimentary normal postage and handling are thrown in for ALL ITEMS!

Your satisfaction is our ultimate fulfillment!

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Monday, March 09, 2009


This is the NEW TO THE LINE advanced SKIN79 bb cream (after the previous pink bottle).

Triple function of SPF25 PA++, whitening and wrinkle repair. It contains diamond powder and jewel complex powder of ruby, amethyst and pearl. Skin looks radiant and glowing after application. Natural complex extract, a patent ingredient, help improves and cares for skin troubles. Retail price 35000won without shipping.

Other blogshops are selling this at above $40! Get it CHEAP here!!!

SKIN79 Whitening BB Cream $28


SKIN79 Derma RX Rejunate Night Balm $28


Usage: Cleanse face, pat dry, apply toner, then apply this Skin79 Derma RX Rejunate Night Balm, control keratin and get resilience of your skin during your sleep. Wake up to softer and smoother skin.

  • Glycolic acid penetrating into the skin effectively and an enzyme resolving protein get rid of thick keratin and make your skin smooth and sleek by keeping the Turn-over of your skin normally cyclical and making your skin into a condition open to nutrition supply.

  • Contains fruit acid such as pomegranate extract and vitamin C and helps to prevent aging skin and accumulation of keratin cells, the cream makes your skin more energetic and protects your skin for a long time.

  • Suitable for different ages from adults to even children with soft skin, particularly to the skin with keratin and roughness for the external environment, since the product is absorbed lightly and softly to prevent your skin from being dry and increase resilience.


SKIN79 Star Glow Cheek Blusher $28

Star Glow Cheek Blusher from SKIN79 Diamond Collection


Natural pink and orange colours give a three-dimensional effect while pearl powder adds glow, finishing your makeup with a final touch of radiance and vitality. Diamond Powder, Jewel Complex Powder and many other active ingredients deliver energy to the skin, making it glossy and shiny. Minute powder adheres gently to the skin with no worries of cakey/loose finish.


Mix colors according to your preference on a brush and shake off the excess. Apply it to cheek (or slightly below) to hairline in a circular motion.

SKIN79 Star Glow Ball Powder $28

Star Glow Ball Powder from SKIN79 Diamond Collection


With every Miniature set purchased , a retail size 60ml ROSE MIST TONER will be given FREE!!!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Think THIN!

La eau Jolin Slimming Socks - $6.50

Helps to massage your muscles when walking and burns off 333 calories every hour!
Put them 3 times a week, for 6 to 8 hours each time for best results.Really soft material is used & it doesn't fray or hook onto other things easily. Hand-wash & hang-dry after each use & this wonderful product can last at least 60 washes.

- Wear it per normal
- Wash clean after use
- Hang it to dry to prevent bacteria setting in it- Stop using when you feel uncomfortable

*Due to an incident involving defects in the product, we will remove socks from their original packaging for inspection before putting up for sale.
**Recommended to get 2 pairs for interchangeability.

Calorie Massage Shaper -Arms: $16

For arms 22~35cm

Calorie Massage Shaper -Thighs: $16

For thighs 40~58cm.

Manufactured by TRAIN株式會社公司, these wraps are designed to keep flabby thighs and/or arms at the desired positions and take calories off with long term usage due to the wave massage weaving.

Wear them under your clothes to make your arms and/or thighs look one size smaller instantly. This is important especially for tighter fitting clothes or the extra flab will be out of control with more bodily movements.

Recommended usage frequency: 4~8 hours daily (not bedtime)

Not suitable for: pregnant ladies, kids younger than 12 years of age, people with sensitive skin, heart patients.

Care instructions:
1. Hand wash in cold water & hang up to dry. Do not tumble dry or use bleach.
2. Over pulling and sharp nails might spoil the structure of product rendering it useless for slimming purposes.

Beauty products have different effects on different individuals depending on personal(skin type etc) & usage diferences.

***Do not use on wounded skin.If irritaion occurs, discontinue use immediately. If symptoms persists, consult your doctor.

Calorie Off High Waist Hip Up Slimming Tummy Shorts: $18

There are 2 Sizes available:

  • M-L: Suitable for waist 64 - 77cm (25 – 30”) & Hips 87 - 100cm (34 – 39”)

  • L-LL: Suitable for waistline 69-85cm

Colours Available: Black and Skin Colour.

Water Cool Scarf - $5

The perfec scarf for keeping you cool under the sweltering heat!

***102 cm by 6cm each

Great way to keep cool in the sweltering heat in Singapore. Excellent for kids on an outing.
Portable & comes with a ziploc bag for storage when not in use.

Usage instructions:
  • Soak middle portion of scarf in room temperature water until substance inside absorbs & swell up.
  • Wipe away excess water & substance that may ooze out (harmless)
  • Tie scarf around your neck & you're ready to keep cool for up to 12hours (depends on humidity)

Care instructions:
-If scarf gets dirty, wash under running water.
-Do not use detergent or machine wash.
-Hang dry after use & place in storage bag provided.
-Keep away from direct sunlight.

There're red & yellow instocks available.

Limited stocks left!!!